Wears Valley Shopping

Where are some of the interesting places to shop in Wears Valley, Tennessee?

Phantoms Fill the Southern Skies

The best in ghosts, hauntings, paranormal activity and Native American folklore in the South as compiled by Pigeon Forge author Jeff Lawhead. Includes many classic entries like The Bell Witch, the Hermitage (South Carolina) and the Devil’s Tramping Grounds along with obscure stories like The White Screamer. Each entry was updated and researched for varacity and for additional info into the backstories therein. Includes the author’s own paranormal experience in an apartment in Sevierville, TN! www.jslawhead.com Purchase it from Amazon…

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Wears Valley Adventures

Find Adventure in Wears Valley, Tennessee with Jeep Rentals, Motorcycle Tours, Outfitter Gear, Waterfalls, Gem Mining and more ! Make a day of it and enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains from the Metcalf Bottoms entrance located on Line Springs Road off Wears Valley Road. http://www.wearsvalleyadventures.com Groovy Tours GSM Outfitters Friendly Falls Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals and Smoky Mountain Jeep Outfitters Summit Cabin Rentals Everything you need for a perfect getaway in the Smoky Mountains at Wears Valley.

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Smoky Mountain Jeep Outfitters

New in the Wears Valley Area is Smoky Mountain Jeep Outfitters.  Located in the Walden’s Creek area of Wears Valley, Tennessee is Smoky Mountain Jeep Outfitters, located next to Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals.  Find cool Jeep Tshirts and Apparel along with excellent additions to your Jeep Adventure.  The best brands available in coolers and outdoor items that will make your Smoky Mountain Jeep Rental adventure even more fun.  Go where the cool stuff is!  Go Topless! http://www.smokymountainjeepoutfitters.com

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The Rock Shop at Friendly Falls

Attention Geologists, there has been a new discovery of precious gems in Wears Valley, Tennessee and we are concerned because visitors have been coming to the Smokies and getting addicted to the source of this cache at Friendly Falls. Please come quickly, as the level of fun and jubilee visitors are getting from The Rock Shop at Friendly Falls is simply unnatural. The Rock Shop has all kinds of cool items to choose from, gem mining buckets and more, and…

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