If you are planning a trip to Wears Valley, no vacation in the valley would be complete without a visit to Friendly Falls! Friendly Falls is… well… friendly! The locals find Friendly Falls to be a favorite and so do our guests. Read the reviews and find out why people love to visit Friendly Falls. We classify Friendly Falls as a Must Stop location in Wears Valley.

friendlyfalls098[1]Things you can do at Friendly Falls are:
* Picnic!
* Eat a light and healthy meal.
* Enjoy a cold beverage.
* Have some Ice Cream.
* Gem Mine at Gnorbert’s Magic Gem Mine.
* Sit by the waterfall and listen to the rushing sounds of the water.
* Identify birds and other wildlife.
* Hold a reunion.
* Have a Waterfall Wedding.
The ideas are nearly endless!

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