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Hello and welcome to The Anti-Skeptic, a non-commercial project dedicated to speaking out against the near-religious zealotry of what amounts to “modern” skepticism or the identity of being a “skeptic”.

Despite the age we live in being miles and miles ahead in terms of human progress and evolution compared to this time in the last century, life only seems to get more complicated and trying to figure out the big questions and what to believe in terms of spirituality, health and what amounts to reality is probably even harder now than it was generations ago. This is undoubtedly due to the rise of the internet in the last generation and giving people exponentially more access to conflicting ideas and views faster than ever before without giving them the same ability to cope with the very human and personal ramifications of how to deal with such an influx of challenge and negativity. To make a long story short, as of 2017, the lines divided create a gap wider than the Grand Canyon and you either fall one way or the either and condemn the other as if they were literally Nazi stormtroopers.

There is a massive culture war going on and the one group of people we were supposed to be able to depend on objectively, without giving into bias, are no longer fully trustworthy themselves. They have taken good tools for expanding human understanding in a universally effective organization and turned them into widespread crusades that attack establishments that, by themselves, are not responsible for society’s problems – such as religion, spirituality, alternative approaches to conventional thinking and subjects that could genuinely expand scientific discovery and understanding. This website is dedicated to offering arguments against this thinking and plea for a more open-minded approach to that which is called “reason”.

This website is NOT devoted to the current anti-science movement proliferating in society. This website is NOT a religious ministry telling you to believe in God or burn in Hell, neither is it devoted to conspiracy theories or fake news. See more on this on the website Mission Statement. This site is simply dedicated to showcasing the various flaws with overly skeptical thinking and people trying to pass off a very hardcore negative stance as the “standard” for which reality comes from and to expose their thinking as just personal psychology trying to pass itself off as something else.

All articles on this website are considered to be “arguments”, subjective to personal interpretation and interest. The author of this website is considered to be a “pundit”, not a professional scholar in these subjects, just a person who has devoted much of his life to this subject and offers these viewpoints and criticisms that may or may not be helpful to you.

Thank you and please enjoy.

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